There are plenty of good reasons people spend money on air conditioners—one of them is to improve your family’s comfort. Air conditioner units work by removing heat and moisture from your home to bring the cooling effect. Unfortunately, there comes a time when your AC unit will stop working when you least expect it. If you ever turned your AC unit on and wondered why it’s not cooling your house, then that could mean something a mess. You need to respond as fast as possible to regain normalcy. That’s said, here are top reasons why your AC isn’t cooling your house:

Person setting thermostat

The Thermostat Isn’t Set Properly

The thermostat works by measuring the temperature of your home and adjusting it to your preference. If it is not set properly, the AC unit will constantly run without cooling your house. Therefore, you should first check whether the thermostat is set to cool. Also, check whether the cooling temperatures are set as per your preference. Then, allow your system to run for a few minutes to see whether the problem is solved. If not, it could be other issues.

Dirty Air Filter

If you notice your AC unit still not cooling your house, you need to check the air filters. Usually, the air filter is designed to trap contaminants from the air before it gets into the AC unit. In the process, it gets dirty and clogged. This affects its cooling efficiency over time. Therefore, you need to replace the filters to regain normalcy.

Man removing dirty air filter
Condenser outside of a home

Blocked Condenser

The condenser is the part of the AC that collects heat from your home and dumps it outside. In order to dump the heat effectively, it needs lots of breathing space. Failure to facilitate this space can only make the system dump back the collected heat to the house. Therefore, you need to ensure the condenser isn’t suffocated by clearing vegetation and removing debris around the condenser coil.

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