Dealing with strange noises coming from your AC is an all too common problem for many people. These noises can happen due to a variety of reasons. Sometimes you can figure out the problem on your own, but in certain cases, you may need to reach out to a local HVAC company to investigate the problem even further.

Here are a few common reasons why your AC is making strange sounds.

1. Banging Sounds

Hearing a banging sound is often a sign that your AC has either a loose or broken part. It may be a problem with your connecting rod, crankshaft, or piston pin. You may even need to replace your compressor. Getting an HVAC technician to inspect your AC is always a smart choice to identify the source of the problem.

2. Clicking Noises

An ongoing clicking sound can occur due to several reasons. It may be a sign that your thermostat is failing, or it could be due to an electrical issue within your unit. Getting your system looked at as soon as possible is essential in staying safe while also preventing additional damages.

3. Buzzing Sound

You may hear a buzzing sound because of debris in your unit. Out-of-balance fan blades can also be the source of the problem. Cleaning the condenser coil or replacing the air filter may fix the problem, or you may need to reach out to an HVAC company if you still hear a buzzing sound.

4. Humming Noise

A humming noise is often a signal that something is wrong inside your air conditioner. Refrigerant piping or loose parts can create a vibration that can eventually lead to more serious problems. Humming sounds can also be due to electrical issues.

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