There are many parts required to build a modern HVAC system. The thermostatic expansion valve is just one of the components that keeps your system operating safely.

Definition of a Thermostatic Expansion Valve

The thermostatic, or thermal, expansion valve is designed to control the amount of refrigerant sent into the evaporator. It regulates the refrigerant so that it flows at a steady rate. When operating correctly, the valve helps the system cool the air. The expansion valve is one of several metering devices incorporated into the cooling equipment.

What Happens When the Valve Goes Bad?

A failed valve can cause warm or lukewarm air to blow into the home. A compressor that operates constantly and that can’t shut off is another sign of a failed thermostatic valve. Unregulated refrigerant can also cause the compressor to ice up or freeze over. Any sign that your air conditioner isn’t working correctly should be addressed right away to avoid an expensive repair.
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The Value of Maintenance

Keeping your temperature equipment properly maintained can help prevent problems with the thermal expansion valve.

Request an annual tune-up from an experienced technician to ensure your equipment is cleaned, calibrated, and tested. Schedule your service visit when fall weather begins to arrive and when your AC is no longer required.

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