When the chilly winter weather strikes, many of us enjoy curling up at home. However, keeping your home warm can provide you with costly energy bills to pay.

Fortunately, there are some terrific tips that you can implement at your home to better conserve the heat that your heating system produces.

Seal Off Any Air Leaks

Air leaks can allow chilly air to seep right into your home and chill it down quickly. You’ll want to check around your doors and windows to see if any cold air is coming in. If so, seal those air leaks off with products like caulking and weatherstripping.

Obtain Adequate Insulation

Insulation is a necessary barrier between the inside of your home and the cold outdoors. The thicker your insulation is, the less the outside weather will affect your indoor air. To conserve more heat this winter season, consider upgrading your insulation to meet or exceed the recommended insulation R-value in your area.

Use Ceiling Fans

Most people don’t realize that they can use their ceiling fans in the wintertime to converse heat. All ceiling fans can be run in reverse mode. This causes the fan to pull the air that is stuck at the top of your room outward and down your outside walls to the floor. By recirculating the heat at the top of your rooms and forcing it down to where you’re at, you can feel warmer without turning up your heating system’s thermostat.

Getting Your Ducts Sealed

If you have a forced air heating system, then you have ducts. Over time, the constant expansion and contraction of your ducts due to extreme temperatures can cause them to pull apart. Having it sealed up by a professional will ensure that the warm air produced by your furnace doesn’t seep out into your wall cavities on the way to the various rooms throughout your home.

Reliable Heating Services

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