There are a few situations that may result in you questioning the integrity of your furnace and HVAC system. For example, embarking on home renovations can result in the installation of a new furnace or altering the current ductwork system. If things aren’t currently done to code, you would be required to make necessary changes before moving forward with the project. If you’re looking to list your current home for sale, an inspector or agent may advise you to have certain changes made that would allow you to legally sell your home. You might just be concerned with the overall safety of your home, and this is understandable.

Is My Furnace up to Code?

There are a number of HVAC components that are addressed when it comes to assessing the current codes in your area. There are codes that apply to the ductwork setup, the electrical work needed for your furnace/air conditioner, and necessary ventilation requirements. An inspector or professional HVAC contractor can determine if there are any issues with what you currently have in place. If repairs were made by a handy homeowner at some point, it’s more than likely that there may be some issues that should be addressed.

Understanding When Code Was Put Into Place

It’s common for HVAC codes to be reassessed every few years. Necessary changes are made to any work that’s being done moving forward, but it’s not always necessary for work to be done on existing equipment. Essentially, your system is grandfathered in based on the rules that were followed when the work was originally done.

All necessary HVAC repairs and service should be done according to the current codes that are in place in the Blue Springs area. Contact Valley Mechanical LLC to schedule an appointment with a reputable and knowledgeable professional if you’re in need of HVAC repairs, routine maintenance, or new equipment installation. We offer both residential and commercial services, including equipment installation that will improve the overall quality of your indoor air.

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