During the summer season, it can feel uncomfortable spending the day in your home without an air conditioner due to the warm air trapped inside. Below are some tips to help you keep your home cool without an AC system.

Change Your lighting

Generally, most electronic items generate heat that can make your house more uncomfortable during the summer. Be sure to replace all your incandescent lighting with the LED bulbs if you wish to reduce your warm home air during the summer.

Additionally, you may opt to switch the lights off during the day as an alternative to cooling your house. An additional benefit of using LED lights is that they will help you save money because they consume less energy.

Adjust Your House Fans

Another effective way of keeping your house cool during the summer without using air conditioning is by using fans. However, you need to adjust them in the right direction to cool your house effectively.

Also, be sure to adjust the fans toward the warm areas of your house and in spaces where they will draw in cool air inside your home. Additionally, you can place some ice or cold water near the fans. This trick will cool your house by picking up cold air from the ice or water and distributing it throughout your house.

Avoid Using the Oven During the Day

Generally, the oven will raise the temperatures in your house during the summer season as it produces considerable heat. It is recommended that you do your cooking outside, during the night, or in the early morning hours.

Manage Your Indoor Humidity

Humidity will typically worsen the heat in your home during the summer season. Although using a dehumidifier won’t help you cool the house, it helps you control the warm air inside your house.

Cover and Close the Windows

Spending the day in a house without an air conditioning system can be very uncomfortable during the summer. However, closing your windows and doors while they remain covered may help you cool your home. Using dark door and window covers will help you block the hot sun rays and prevent them from increasing your home temperatures. Closing the windows and doors will help trap the cool air inside.

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