During hot weather conditions, you’ll need your air conditioning system to cool your interior spaces for comfortable living. Nevertheless, it would help to get some things done before turning on your system. Here are five steps to follow before switching on your air conditioner for the first time in the summer.

1. Clear Air Vents

Your air conditioning system must be able to draw and release air without obstruction for maximum efficiency. Before switching the unit on, be sure to inspect your vents and clear any objects, including furniture and clothing, near them.

2. Clean or Change Air Filters

After getting rid of obstructions near your vents, inspect the air filters. Since the filters are crucial for keeping dust, allergens and other debris out of your unit, you should have them cleaned if they are dirty. Replacement is a better option if the filters are not washable, old or damaged.

3. Inspect the Thermostat

The thermostat is an important part of your AC system that helps control air temperature. Thus, it would be best to have your thermostat checked before turning the AC on. When faulty thermostats need repair, replacing old thermostats and outdated ones is highly recommended.

4. Repair Ductwork

Damaged ductwork is notorious for causing air leaks. Before turning your unit on, ensure you inspect your ductwork. Schedule repairs for damaged ductwork to prevent air loss so that your system operates efficiently.

5. Check the Drain Line

As time passes, dirt, dust and other debris can accumulate in your condensate drain line and cause blockage. If the line is clogged, your unit might leak and result in water damage. Therefore, check your drain line and unclog it before turning your AC on.

Rely on the Pros

It’s a good idea to ensure your AC unit is in good shape before turning it on. If you would like an AC professional to assist you, then you can rely on Valley Mechanical LLC. As a leading cooling and heating company in the area, we have highly trained technicians dedicated to delivering excellent services.

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