Ultraviolet lights were originally used in medical settings for environmental sterilization. They’ve since been adapted to fit the air quality needs of residential homes. An HVAC professional can install UV lights in your heating and cooling system to purify the air you breathe. Read on to find out how these modern lights work to improve your indoor air quality.

UV Lights

On the light spectrum, ultraviolet light sits between visible light and X-rays. UV light has a shorter wavelength and a higher frequency than light in the visible range. There are three types of UV rays, but UVC is what’s often used in germicidal lights.

How They Work

UV lights work to boost your indoor air quality by breaking down the DNA of various microorganisms and bacteria. As the air moves through your HVAC system, it comes into contact with the UV light. This light prevents bacteria and other microscopic threats from being able to duplicate.

How They Help

Ultraviolet lights stop the spread of germs and illnesses that could otherwise impact your health. They can also target mold and mildew spores that develop in some circumstances. UV lights help with allergy symptoms and respiratory illnesses by stopping common pollutants in your home from reproducing.

UV lights are often installed either directly into your HVAC system or at the entrance of your ductwork. When placed in your HVAC system, these lights work to limit mold growth near the drain pan. Ductwork UV lights clean the air before it’s circulated around your home. Both of these installation options help to improve your home’s indoor air quality.
UV light

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