Although heat pumps and furnaces share the same goal, the way they go about achieving it is very different. If you’re trying to decide which type is the right fit for your home, there are several different variables to consider. Both kinds of heaters have their advantages, and both kinds have different costs associated with them.

1. Generating Heat vs. Moving Heat

The biggest difference between furnaces and heat pumps comes down to the principle they utilize to warm your home. Gas-burning furnaces, which are the most popular type, generate heat by burning combustible fuel. Heat pumps, though, don’t generate heat at all. Instead, they use pressurized refrigerant coils to absorb heat from outside. Once they’ve absorbed it, it’s simply a matter of transferring it through your air ducts and around your home.

2. Differences in Cost

Because they transfer heat instead of creating it, heat pumps use up significantly less energy during operation than furnaces do. This means that they’re typically the better option for homeowners working within a tight budget. However, if you live somewhere that sees freezing temperatures on a regular basis, this difference in operational costs may be much smaller. When there’s less heat available outside, the pump has to work harder to absorb it. Although furnaces are more expensive to run on average, they do have the advantage of not being affected by being in a colder climate.

3. Indoor Space vs Outdoor Space

Furnaces need to be installed inside your home, and they also require a 30-inch clearance space on all sides for safety reasons. With heat pumps, only the air handler component needs to be set up inside, and it doesn’t require any clearance. However, the pump’s compressor, which is large and requires a 24-inch clearance, will need to be installed outside your home. Because of these differences, people with limited space inside their homes tend to prefer heat pumps to furnaces.

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