For maximum indoor comfort, consider ductless air conditioning in Lee’s Summit, MO. A mini-split, as it’s sometimes called, cools only small spaces but can do so with minimal energy loss. It’s ideal for garages, tool sheds, room additions, and remodeled attics. It also tends to be used in historic homes, which can’t support ducted AC and still keep their integrity.

Mini-splits have an indoor and outdoor unit, with a refrigerant line going between. The air handler is what you mount on the wall or hang from the ceiling of the room you’re going to enhance. It’s a stylish, compact unit that will blend in well with any space. The compressor is the unit that releases all the heat absorbed through the air handler, so it stays outside. It doesn’t have to be an eyesore to you or the neighbors, though, because you can separate it from the air handler by a distance of 50 feet, at the most.